Condition and Performance Monitoring:

Our high frequency data acquisition hardware enables the collection of 3-phase currents, 3-phase voltage, and, if needed, accelerometer and RTDs signals. Data analysis is conducted using our software, covering time, frequency, and time-frequency domains. The diagnosis is based on a rule-based system using standards available for various electric machinery.

For non-standard applications, our team collaborates with your subject matter experts to develop data-based rules for diagnosis. Additionally, our Performance Monitoring software estimates input/output horsepower and mechanical torque, and calculates the deviation from average torque to indicate torsional vibrations at each set-point. By cross-comparing this mechanical information with a full electrical study of the system, such as power factors and harmonics, a comprehensive overview of the system's performance is provided.

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Continuous Condition Monitoring

CSI continuous monitoring can be permanently installed in the motor control centers. Each hardware can collect and analyse the data from 8 to 32 motors with user defined intervals and user defined thresholds.

Our fully automated diagnosis and reporting can notify users by sending flags via texts, emails, or on-screen pop-ups.

Up to 100 clusters of 32 motors (amounting to 32,00 units) can be monitored using one server.

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Do you have a new process or machinery requiring measurement and monitoring that can not be done with of-the-shelf equipment?

Our high frequency data and diagnosis can be readily integrated to your existing platforms.

Advanced Control Systems for Electric Machines

Limitations of native control system and/or outdated control systems are the main cause of low performance, over heating and vibration of electric machines.

At Cognitive Systems Inc., we provide the full design, implementation and commissioning of your open-architecture controls and automation systems using 3 major platforms: Siemens, ABB, and Rockwell Automation.